Vimeo: How to search videos like a ninja?

Vimeo has a rich database of many amazing videos contributed by millions of users and producers.

The plus point (out of many): its ad-free.

The point that freaks me out: search.

Believe it or not Vimeo has no idea what a user is looking for, making you believe that the content you are looking for doesn’t exists on Vimeo.


Before you dump Vimeo of for good, let me share a little secret with you and you will be searching Vimeo like a ninja.

I’m sure Goolge is your best friend (if not,its time to do so).

So, without further delay here’s the secret:

All you have to do is:

  • goto Google
  • type `vimeo` and the video title you are looking for on Vimeo

e.g: `vimeo be here now ray lamontagne`


Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Vimeo: How to search videos like a ninja?

  1. Ejaz Asi says:

    Wouldn’t it be true for most other websites? I have been doing imdb the raven for ages *not the raven but insert your own movie name*

    • JQ says:

      Yes, it will work for any site no doubt.
      But I don’t think IMDB’s search is as bad as Vimeo. Rather, IMDB has a great “Search-as-you-type” feature built-in.

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